Thinking about getting a sunflower tattoo? Sunflowers are a large inflorescence, meaning the head of the flower is made up of a bunch of little flowers, that have moved people throughout history and around the world. Always facing the sun, dancing in the window, accompanied with a lovely shade of bright yellow— What’s not to love about the sunflower?

Ivana Tattoo Art

Tattoo by: Ivana Belakova


sunflower tattoo

Tattoo by Gunnar V



Tattoo by @xbustabustx (instagram)

Known for their phototropism (the way they respond to the sun), ancient myth attributes the symbolic meaning of sunflowers to constancy and loyalty. Perhaps that’s what makes them a perfect, uplifting gift. 

sunflower tattoo

Tattoo by Audrey at Good Family Tattoo @baueau (Instagram)


tattoo by rebecca

Tattoo by Rebecca Sophia

Representing feelings of warmth, the sunflower has so many of the sun’s characteristics… Except you can get close to them without burning to death. Definitely a plus to the sunflower.

sunflower tattoo

Tattoo by Russell Van Schaick


realism sunflower tattoo

Tattoo by: Ryan Evans


Andrey Barkov Grimmy

Tattoo by: Andrey Barkov Grimmy


sunflower palette tattoo

Tattoo by Santiago Buriticá


sunflower tattoo

Tattoo by: Little Pete at High On Ink


sunflower tattoo

Tattoo by: Lille Hilde


sunflower tattoo

Tattoo by: Darion Griffith


Sean Duffy sunfower tattoo

Tattoo by: Sean Duffy

In sum, sunflowers are awesome.