Disney has pretty much always been a big part of entertainment. For most of us, we learned to recognize the Disney logo before we knew who the first president was. If you have a child, there’s a good chance their room has at least a 1 to 3 ratio of Disney merchandise. But even if you have a room and a wardrobe that it looks like something straight out of a Disney ad, you will never quite reach the level of fandom required for permanent decoration.

If you’re considering taking the plunge, that is making Disney part of your flesh, don’t rip off these tattoos: let them inspire you and your artist to create your own unique piece of work.


Merida from Brave tattoo

Merida tattoo by Alex Werder

Merida is the (one of the) most awesome Disney Princesses.

“If you had a chance to change your fate, would you?” -Merida


Mickey and Minnie tattoos

Mickey and Minnie tattoos by Dean Denney

The OGs, Mickey and Minnie Mouse. Did you know they first drawn in Walt Disney studios in 1928? The animation style featured in these tattoos appear to be from the 1935-1953. With this face, Mickey Mouse made his first full length movie debut, Fantasia, in 1940.


Elsa Frozen Tattoo

Queen Elsa tattoo by Liz Cook

Alright, if you don’t know this Disney Princess, you’ve probably lived under rock the past year. Frozen is quite the craze; don’t think anyone will be letting it go anytime soon.


Alice by Mat Lapping

Alice in Wonderland tattoo by Mat Lapping

Ok, this a bit of a different look than we saw on the big screen with Disney.

Well, err… at least she appears of age to be eating mushrooms.


simba tattoo

Simba tattoo by Joe K Worrall

Brought to the screen in 1994, The Lion King, was jokingly referred to as the “Bambi in Africa” behind the scenes as early as 1989 when the story was conceived.


bambi tattoo

Bambi tattoo by Kareem Masarani

Released in 1942, Bambi is a beloved Disney classic. If you can’t say anything nice about this tattoo, you can’t say anything at all! 😉


ariel tattoo

Ariel tattoo by Russell Van Schaick

Disney surely captured imagination in The Little Mermaid (1989). I mean, who the heck would give up the ability to be a mermaid for some idiot man they’ve only seen for a few minutes? A sixteen-year-old… who essentially throws a fit, runs away from her family and marries the man of her dreams she’s known for a little bit. But nevermind all that… Ariel is freaking awesome. Seriously.


disney leg sleeve

In progress Disney leg sleeve by Miss Mae La Roux


disney leg sleeve

Another look at the Disney leg sleeve by Miss Mae La Roux

Nothing quite tops this Disney leg sleeve at the moment. That’s dedication.


Jack Sparrow Zhimpa Moreno

Jack Sparrow tattoo by Zhimpa Moreno


Davy Jones tattoo

Davy Jones tattoo by Cecil Porter

Starting in 2003, Disney released the first Pirates of the Caribbean film, The Curse of the Black Pearl. There’s a total of four films in the series and they’re great. Yep.


Maleficent tattoo

Maleficent tattoo by Matt Webb

Maleficent debuted in 1959 in Disney’s film Sleeping Beauty and then she was born again into film and played by Angelina Jolie in 2014. You know… so y’all get the truth about the evil fairy! Yaaay.


stitch tattoo

Stitch tattoo by Troy Slack

Lilo and Stich is an adorable Disney Film. Family is forever.


beauty and the beast tattoo

Beauty and the Beast tattoo by Kat Wilson

“There’s so much more than this provincial life.” –Belle