Owls are pretty freaking awesome. For starters: they’re raptors. That’s right, for real raptors. Their asymmetrical ears enable them to pinpoint prey they can’t see! And while there are over 150 different kinds of owls… We only have.. well a handful of owl tattoos. Enjoy the uniqueness of each of these owls and the many tattoo styles represented in this blog!

As always, use the pictures for inspiration… Don’t steal the art of others.

Owl Tattoo Ivana

Tattoo By: Ivana Tattoo Art


owl and matryoshka totem tattoo

Tattoo by: Jairo Carmona Velez


galaxy owl don hankley

Tattoo by: Don Hankey


tattoo horned owl

Tattoo by: Chad Newsom


realistic owl tattoo

Tattoo by: Matt Jordan


abstract owl tattoo

Tattoo by: Saulo Junior Lester


owl tattoo

Tattoo by: Victor Chil


owl tattoo

Tattoo by: Jairo Carmona Valez


galaxy owl tattoo

Tattoo by Gunnar V


owl tattoo

Tattoo by: Eri Bueno


tattoo owl

Tattoo by: Vince Villalvazo


owl and sugar skull tattoo

Tattoo by: Troy Slack


realistic owl tattoo

Tattoo by: Pavel Roach


owl tattoo by teresa sharpe

Tattoo by: Teresa Sharpe