Written by Travis

While many people who get body ink are all in it for the bold and powerful designs, there is a movement taking place where the smaller and simpler designs are starting to position themselves front and center.

These tiny and simple tattoo designs are considered minimalist, but don’t tell that to the person getting inked.

Here are some of the more popular minimalist tattoo designs and how these tiny pieces of art have a huge personal connection to the wearer.

Photo from: Stylist.co.uk

The Musical Note

Here is a minimalist tattoo concept that really connects with the music lovers of the world. Whether a single note or a string of musical notes, this is the perfect minimalist tattoo design for anyone who refuses to leave their music trapped inside them. Zero chance you will forget your passion with musical note minimalist tattoos.

The Tiny Feline

Who doesn’t love little cats. Cat lovers will do anything to get closer to their little feline friends, and the tiny cat minimalist tattoos are all the rage right now. These little drawings of cats scream you love your cat, but they also connect you with all the attributes you love about felines. These tattoos symbolize freedom, independence, and a uniqueness dog lovers can not relate too.

Infant Foot Print

Ask any parent the one thing that they wish they could do over, and it would be to go back to when their child was a baby and do it all over again. The time from infant to adult goes too fast for these parents, and they now have a way to preserve the memory of the day their child was born by having a minimalist tattoo of the child’s foot inked on their body forever.

The Bird & Feathers

One of the coolest minimalist tattoo designs is the feather that appears to be breaking off into many little tiny birds. The underlying theme with these tattoos is freedom, whether it is from an abusive relationship, from an addiction, or for being able to leave behind the struggles you have been saddled with your entire life. The time has come to fly free and soar above those issues from here out.

Photo from: GalKnows.com

The Little Boat

People who love the sea are unlike any others in the world. This deep connection with the water is hard for others to understand, you simply have to have it to understand it. Many people who are travel enthusiasts, water babies, or boat lovers, appreciate the tiny boat minimalist tattoos because they allow this person to quietly escape their world each time they gaze upon it.

The Dotted Knots

The dotted knots minimalist tattoo is basically a representation of some type of friendship. These are the best tattoos to get with a friend because they bind and tie you together forever. This is also a popular tattoo design for couples tying the knot. The tiny dots and tiny knots and easily concealed on the body so only these two know of the connection they have with each other.

The Butterfly

These little tiny butterflies utilized in the minimalist tattoo designs are representative of change, whether accepting a change and moving on or coming to the realization that change is happening all around us and we simply must learn to adapt and overcome. These tattoos are tiny but they can be some of the most detailed and colorful.

The Semicolon

At first glance, when you see a person with a tiny semicolon tattooed on their wrists, you think this is a teacher or someone who is especially fond of writing. While this could be the case, the semicolon is also symbolic of a person being able to start fresh, have a second chance, beginning tomorrow all anew.

Photo from: FabulousDesigns.net

Unlike the period that represents something has happened, with the semicolon you have the chance to still write the ending to this magnificent story.

You really can not go wrong with minimalist tattoos. They are so tiny that no one really can see them if you want to keep them private, yet their small size should not be confused with an inability to get a strong message across, especially for the wearer.

Not only are these tattoos are easy to hide, they are so small that you will never run out of space to get inked up.