Sašo Dudič – Tavči (Tavchi) was first interested in tattooing when he saw his grandfather’s tattoo. His grandpa got his tattoo while he was in the military, later regretting the decision. No matter how much his grandfather cautioned him away from tattoos, Sašo was still infatuated with them. “They last forever,” he would tell young Sašo, but all Sašo could think about is what a beautiful art of self-expression tattoos were.


From that moment forward, Sašo looked everywhere he could for tattoos. On TV, in magazines, and later on: the internet. In an era when tattoos weren’t always so beautiful, it was actually when he was at a friend’s house that he found a tattoo magazine that made him appreciate tattooing’s true artistry.

Sašo continued to draw through high school and decided to focus more practically on a graphic arts program when he went to college. He didn’t enjoy the course and decided to join a different university, studying tourism and gastronomy. While he still kept practicing art, he hadn’t considered tattooing. After making friends with a girl, he learned her father was a well-known local tattoo artist. So Sašo made a point to meet her father and see him work.

Once introduced, he showed Sašo the basics of tattooing. Sašo kept practicing on himself, on his friends. Later, Sašo opened a studio with him, but unfortunately, it didn’t end up working out. After investing so much time and energy in tattooing he wondered, “should I give it all up now? Or do I open my own studio and risk failing again?”

He decided to open his own studio and Tavči Tattoo is now celebrating its third year. Sašo works with his girlfriend (and former Featured Artist), Simona Borštnar. He loves the relaxed, yet professional atmosphere of the shop in Bled, Slovenia. Though small, it enables him and Simona to live their passion and improve their unique styles.

© Sašo Dudic

© Sašo Dudic

© Sašo Dudic

© Sašo Dudic

When we asked Sašo to describe his style, he said, “this is a rather difficult question for me as I have been struggling with ‘my style’ for quite some time. Recently, I have been fusing realism, sketching, and some graphic/geometric designs, but I am still developing my vision of tattoos. I find so many things fascinating that I often find myself getting engrossed in different and sometimes contrasting styles. There is also the issue of working in a small area, and so it can be hard to hone in on one style, as the demand varies. But when I have the opportunity, I like to flirt with a collage of vintage imagery, realism geometric shapes, patterns and abstract.”

He’s inspired by a number of people and things. Xoil, Timur Lysenko, Simona Borstnar, George Drone, Robert Borbas, Expended eye, Baron Samedi, Thomas Carli, Philip Wilkinson, Giena Todryk, Katarzyna Krutak, Pengi, Brandon Herrera, Ad Pancho, Florian Karg, and Lukasz Sokolowski, to name a few of the people that inspire him, in addition to the art of Michael Hussar and Derek Hess. He also looks to nature and animals.

What advice do you have for someone planning his or her first tattoo?

Do your research. Find an artist that is the most suitable for you. Not the cheapest one. If the artist is good and they don’t do the style that you are looking for, look further. Be willing to travel for a good tattoo artist. Don’t go for a small tattoo because it is your first and you are not sure. Trust me; you will regret it later on as bigger tattoos look better, and often comprise of more detail, even after many years. Figure out what you want, where you want it, and in what style – so you are able to tell your artist [and] they can create something that will suit you. Think about your design idea but try not to over think it. If you love the design your artist has shown you, go for it!

Don’t obsess over minor flaws or details as they are often what makes your tattoo unique and will be distinctive to you. Once it is on you will love it, and if it is done by the right artist it will be something you will cherish for years to come.

What advice do you have for a tattoo artist who is just getting started?

No one is perfect in the beginning, but hard work pays off. If tattooing truly is what you love, then it will come naturally to you to work all day and all night for it. If you think tattooing is where you see yourself, then don’t ever give up and don’t stop learning. Don’t become arrogant; stay humble and work your ass off every chance you get.

What you enjoy doing when you’re not tattooing?

I am a person of many interests. In my free time I act in theater, I go climbing, diving, and hiking with my dog. I also sing, play musical instruments, and enjoy embarking on adventures.

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