Our featured tattoo artist for December is Logan Bramlett in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio. Logan began tattooing a little over 4 years ago. He was in his junior year of art school, considering a future career painting or sculpting, when he went to a shop for a tattoo and saw they had an opening for an apprenticeship. Tattooing turned out to be a perfect fit for him and he says at this point he couldn't imagine himself doing anything else.

"Tattooing allowed me to do something that I could love, while making a viable living for myself. The idea of creating art for people, something that would last a lifetime, was intriguing and exciting. I still get excited with every piece that I do, because every tattoo is an opportunity to connect with your client and create something that they will hold for the rest of their lives."

Logan recently transitioned from Columbus back "home" to Northeast Ohio where he is in the process of opening a studio with his partner, Jacob, called Wanderlust Tattoo Society. He says, "it will be intimate and inviting, and will be nothing short of our dreams for the space."

Dotwork Geometric Mandala Tattoo - Logan Bramlett

Logan doesn't specialize in one specific style or "school" of tattooing but rather likes doing pieces in a range of different styles. "At this point in my career, I don’t think that I have the want to fall into a singular category; I’m too busy having fun with everything I can."

That doesn't mean he doesn't sometimes feel more drawn to a certain style, for a time at least. He told us that at the moment he's been really into black and gray realism.

"I feel like working in black and grey forces me to really focus on contrast and quality so the work stays strong instead of relying on bright and bold colors. . . Creating a tattoo and trying to get as close to life detail is something that intrigues me, portraying emotion and life in a piece to create something magical."

Watercolor Tattoo - Logan Bramlett

Sea Turtle Watercolor Tattoo - Logan Bramlett

Bright Lotus Tattoo - Logan Bramlett

Logan also enjoys more illustrative type tattoos since, "distorting perspectives, pushing the lines of reality, or just integrating several styles together to make something that is visually moving - is something that really gets my heart all pitter-patter."

He has an appreciation for geometric and dotwork tattoos as well:

"There’s a beauty that lies in those pieces. Your not relying anymore on color, or even a tangible subject matter, you are working solely with lines and dots. Creating an image that is striking, something that you want to explore, is a whole new challenge in it of itself when you strip away everything but the basic shapes and figures to create these intricate designs."

Realism Tiger Lotus Tattoo - Logan Bramlett

Logan's advice to someone looking to get his or her first tattoo:

"Do your research. Look at portfolios. It is a permanent commitment, and though impulsive tattoos can be fun, they last a lifetime. Spend the extra money for a quality artist, and don’t go to your “friend’s dude” who works out of his kitchen. Not only will you probably get a poor quality tattoo, but also run the risk of infection and serious complications."

Blue Dotwork Mandala - Logan Bramlett

Dotwork Abstract Tattoo - Logan Bramlett

Dotwork Mandala Tattoo - Logan Bramlett

Logans's advice for artists just getting started:

"Stay dedicated and don’t be discouraged by the hard work that needs to be put in. When I first started, I was the shop bitch for quite some time. Scrubbing tubes, mopping floors, breaking down stations, et cetera et cetera. It’s a lot of work, but I promise that in the end, it will be worth it."

Black Gray Watch Tattoo - Logan Bramlett

Contact Logan

Wanderlust Tattoo Society
1200 Portage Trail Unit 1
Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio

(234) 678-3253


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Spartan Helmet Tattoo - Logan Bramlett

Archery Framed Black Silhouette Tattoo - Logan Bramlett

Dotwork Persian Rug Tattoo - Logan Bramlett

Images © Logan Bramlett