Kirt Silver - Kirt Silver Silver City Tattoos Elmsdale N.S.Canada 1 (40)Kirt Silver is an award-winning realism tattoo artist from Nova Scotia. He is sought by clients around the world for his ability to take their idea to the next level. Other tattoo artists also look to him for guidance and he regularly gives seminars at tattoo conventions. You can find locations for his current one, Back 2 Reality Color Realism Seminar, by clicking here.

Like every tattoo artist, Kirt had to start somewhere. He recalls being young and fascinated by the idea of carrying permanent art with you everywhere. His uncle’s tattoos sparked his interest and he began drawing on his friends with pens and markers. Years later he got his first tattoo. With that art and memory came the idea to learn the artform himself.

Kirt began tattooing professionally in 2003. It was tattoo artist Mike LeBlanc who pushed his growth as an artist. They started working together at Iron Mike’s. Here, Mike would pretend to be the client and provide Kirt with a request for a tattoo design. Kirt would draw it up and then Mike would critique it and make suggestions for improvement. Mike felt it was important to first grow on paper and this encouraged the development of Kirt’s skills

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Over the years, Kirt matured as an artist and eventually he opened his own shop, Silver City Tattoos. He enjoys being in control of his environment and being able to focus on creating art with little distraction. While known for his realism, Kirt told us, “when it comes to style, I enjoy just about everything. It is nice to able to work with my clients to achieve their artistic visions in the style of their preference. I have worked with anything from color realism to new school. I also do a lot of large fine line black and gray work.”

Kirt’s advice to artists who are just getting started:Kirt Silver - Kirt Silver ,Silver City Tattoos ,Elmsdale N.S. Canada (34)

“You must be prepared to invest all of your time and attention into learning the trade. It takes a lot of drive to be creative all day every day. So to these artists, I would say you must be willing to put all that it takes into becoming great at tattooing. Our clients deserve nothing less!”

When he’s not tattooing, Kirt loves hanging out with his beautiful wife, Amy, and his son, Disiah, who is now 8. He says, “they’re the best thing that has ever happened to my life. My wife is my biggest supporter. [My son and I] love to draw together. He is a great little artist for his age.”


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