Our featured tattoo artist for the month of November is Kat Wilson, owner of Hello Sailor Tattoo Studio in Blackpool, England. Kat is a self-taught tattoo artist who has been tattooing for 5 years. Her preferred styles to tattoo are realism, portraits, and anything related to Disney.

Beauty and Beast Mosiac Tattoo - Kat Wilson

Kat told us her main influences are realism tattoo artists like Nikko Hurtado. She told us Nikko is “an equally amazing painter as he is a tattooist” and that she finds his enthusiasm for the works he does inspiring. Kat told us that David Corden is another favorite of hers and that she’s “a bit obsessed” with his work (us too Kat!).

Judy Garland Tattoo - Kat Wilson


Black and Gray Alice In Wonderland Tattoo - Kat Wilson

Melting Fear and Loathing Tattoo - Kat Wilson

When she’s not working Kat says she enjoys “doing mum stuff with my two boys and hanging out with my husband. We’re massive movie/series geeks so that’s how we like to spend our time.” Kat says she also enjoys painting in her spare time.

Peter Pan Tattoo - Kat Wilson

Kat’s advice to someone looking to get his or her first tattoo:

“Advice I'd offer someone thinking of their first tattoo is to remind them that there is no rush. Research your artist well, know what you want and if you can't afford what you want, then save up, DO NOT go down the road and get it done cheaper!”

Realism Monkey Tattoo - Kat Wilson

Charles Bronson Black and Gray Tattoo - Kat Wilson

Realism Joker Tattoo - Kat Wilson

Kat’s advice for a tattoo artists who are just getting started:

“Apprenticeships are getting hard to come by as the industry is becoming so popular  but we have taken people on based purely on the strength of their portfolio. It's the most important thing you need. Make sure it's diverse and that you have a good attitude towards learning as most artists will want to start you at the very beginning even if you think you know stuff already :)”

Realism Butterflies Roses - Kat Wilson

Contact Kat:

Hello Sailor Tattoo Studio
314 Church St. Blackpool FYI 3QE United Kingdom
Phone +44 1253 752032



*Note: When booking appointments, Kat prefers to know what she's doing in advance. She tends to book no more than 4 weeks ahead.

Color Geisha Tattoo - Kat Wilson

Buddha Sleeve Tattoo - Kat Wilson

Images © Kat Wilson