Like many artists, Hugh Fowler was interested in art from when he was young. When he turned 19, he decided to get his first tattoo but ended up with three that he didn’t care for. After doing some research, he discovered artist Craig Beasley at Psycho Tattoo. Craig sparked Hugh’s interest because he saw for the first time that tattoos didn’t have to be mediocre.

Day of the Dead girl tattoo - Hugh Fowler

For the next three or four years, he searched for an apprenticeship. Finally, he met Justin Watters, who took him under his wing. Unfortunately after less than a year, Justin had to move and Hugh knew he’d need to find another mentor or quit. He found a few average shops that took him in, but it wasn’t until he met Chris Collett at Time Honored Tattoo that he really got the education he needed to get where he is today.

Now, Hugh has been tattooing for four years full time, a total of six years after his apprenticeship. He’s currently working at IV Horsemen Tattoo Parlor in Panama City, Florida. He enjoys the professionalism of the shop and the great people that work there. Hugh adds, “Plus, how can you go wrong living in between two beautiful beaches?!”

Warrior Tattoo - Hugh Fowler

Sally Nightmare Before Christmas Tattoo - Hugh Fowler

When it comes to his tattooing style, Hugh doesn’t have one distinct style he sticks to; he likes changing it up. If he absolutely had to choose a style, it would be black and gray realism or illustrative realism.

Hugh cites Chris Collett as his one of his early, and his largest, influences. Today, Hugh follows Frank LaNatra, Big Meas, and Carlos Torres.

When he’s not tattooing, Hugh loves spending time with his wife and two daughters. He also enjoys saltwater fishing.

Skull Tattoo - Hugh Fowler

Realism Eye Tattoo - Hugh Fowler

Morticia Addams - Hugh Fowler

Hugh’s advice for people getting reading for their first tattoo:

“Do your research. There are too many great tattoo artists out there to get a bad tattoo! Plus make sure you eat well and drink plenty of water before you get tattooed.”

Hugh’s advice for artists just getting started:

“Go work some shitty jobs first so you can fully appreciate what you are getting. Draw, draw, draw and then do some research on tattoo artists in your area. And be sure to save up as much money as you can!”

Edward Scissorhands - Hugh Fowler

Angel Tattoo - Hugh Fowler


Images © Hugh Fowler

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