From an early age, tattoo artist Hollywood had an interest and deep respect for the artform. His parents frequented a hair salon next to a tattoo shop and his young self couldn’t resist going next door while he waited for them. Both his father and his uncle had tattoos. He enjoyed learning about the history of tattooing and from the time he was about 8-years-old, he knew he wanted to be a tattoo artist. So, in 2004, he began tattooing and has not looked back since.


Currently, Hollywood owns Skintricate Tattoo Company in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada. The shop is located in a small, old town called Streetsville. Hollywood and the three other artists that work with him, “… just hang out and talk shit and tattoo all day: it’s awesome.” Hollywood also enjoys travelling to tattoo conventions across Canada, the US, and now Europe throughout the year.



Hollywood’s early influences include Bugs, Guy Aitchison, Jack Rudy, Cory Ferguson, and Boris. While they all inspire him, Hollywood is one of those artist whose style is difficult to define. His tattoos are bold and colorful. He attributes his technique and style to the way he paints, and adds:

“I am fortunate that people like [my style] and I get to do it every day. I have complete freedom to distort and accent designs and colors. This style gives the tattoos a chance to kind of take on a look of their own as I tattoo them. Each one is different and I am constantly evolving and tweaking my style.”




Hollywood’s advice for someone looking to get their first tattoo:


“Do your research and find an artist you like. Don’t worry about size or price; just be open to whatever will work best in order to have the best tattoo. I find people are always worrying it will be too big, but it should just fit the body right and look good.”

Hollywood’s advice to tattoo artists just starting out:

“Work hard; if you don’t, there is someone else that will. This industry will keep growing with or without you and you’re better to learn as much as you can and work as hard as you can, otherwise, you will get left behind. Never stop learning. The day you think you know everything is the day you should hang it up.”



Contact Artist

Hollywood’s preferred methods of contact are:
or just come by the shop!

Skintricate Tattoo Company
167 Queen St S #5
Streetsville, ON L5M 1L2, Canada




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