Duane Illumineye Robinson started tattooing in 2008.  While he was getting a tattoo he was asked if he wanted to try tattooing himself. Duane gave it a go and says, "I was hooked and wanted to learn so I hustled as much as I could to find more information about it."

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He admits to having to relearn techniques after apprenticing at another shop. As many of our Featured Artists tell us, if you want to get good at tattooing you have to be willing to let go of what you think you know about it; be open to learning new techniques-- That's exactly what Duane did and why he excels at tattooing today.

Now Duane owns his own shop, Illumineye Tattoo Studio in Mile End London:

"I love that we have a relaxed atmosphere and are all friends as well. It's a small family."

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Duane's preferred style is realism/semi-realism. And he loves tattoing because:

"I just love the idea that you can create anything you like from an idea."

He's been influenced by many artists, "too many to list," he says, "...the guys who have influenced me a lot have also become good friends, Odd Boy, Chris Jone, Dave Cordan, Jack Connoly, Q Tattoo, Marcus Ottner, Paul Naylor, etc. There are a lot!"

And when he's not tattooing, he's hitting the gym or watching American shows. He also enjoys listening to music and drinking Costa Coffee.

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Duanes's advice for someone getting their first tattoo:

 "Check out as many artists as possible and find the style you like. [Don't] think about the cost, but the finished piece. It's artwork you live with forever, not something you can change if it's scratched in."

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Duanes's advice for artists just getting started:

 "Hustle and work hard. Learn from your mistakes and don't be too hard on yourself: we were all beginners once."


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Contact Duane Illumineye Robinson

Illumineye Tattoo Studio
101 Burdett Road
London E3 4JN, United Kingdom
+44 20 8981 6231
07595511937 - Cell

Facebook: illumineyedr   |   Twitter: @dbrief   |   Instagram: @duane_illumineye


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