Bob Lewis hadn’t considered tattooing much when he was growing up. However, he did enjoy art. When a friend told him about an apprenticeship opening at Slingn’ Ink in Scranton, Pennsylvania, Bob quickly gathered all his best drawings. The shop liked his artwork so much that they accepted him on the spot, and the rest is history.

By 2005, Bob was tattooing professionally. Currently, he tattoos from his own private studio. Bob also does guest spots at different shops and regularly visits TownHall Tattoo in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania. He enjoys being able to experience other creative environments.

photo1Bob is inspired by many forms of art and artists. From graffiti to fine art landscapes, whatever type of art he comes across inspires him to become more proficient. With an open mind towards art, over the years, his style has evolved. He appreciates a variety of tattoo styles and describes his own as, “realism with a splash of neo-traditional.”

When he’s not tattooing, Bob enjoys using mixed media and oil painting. He sells his paintings and also does commissioned art. You can contact him via email to commission a painting or schedule an appointment for a tattoo.

Bob’s advice for people planning their first tattoo:

“Don’t worry about everything meaning something. Let the artist have some creative freedom because it’s something you’re [going to be] wearing forever and it should look good.”

Bob’s advice for aspiring tattoo artists:

“Start at a reputable shop with high-end artists whom you can learn from and draw, paint, eat, sleep art and tattoos.”


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