Black 13 Tattoo Parlor is a Nashville based tattoo parlor owned and operated by Doy Gardner and Josh Woods. Established in 2008, the shop is Nashville’s premiere source for custom tattooing. The shop is located in historic Cummins Station, a 100 year old building that was the worlds largest train warehouse at the time of its opening. The location offers the upscale environment that Black 13 wanted to embrace and present to its clientele.

The main goal at Black 13 is to provide a wide array of quality work and exceptional customer service for clients all within a comfortable and welcoming environment. “It’s all about the experience,” says Doy. “We are fortunate to have a lot of out of state and out of country clientele along with our local customers, and the experience starts from the minute a customer contacts us.”

Black 13 has 8 talented artists on staff: Josh Woods, Steve Martin, Ryan Thomas, Amanda Leadman, Marty “Riet” McEwen, Jon Ragoe,  Jay Quarles, and Kirk George.


Amanda Leadman


Amanda Leadman - Black 13 Tattoo - watercolor painting tattoo


Amanda Leadman - Black 13 Tattoo - woodpecker nature tattoo


Amanda Leadman - Black 13 Tattoo



Tattoos by Jay Quarles


Jay Quarles - Black 13 Tattoo - abstract dog tattoo


Black 13 Tattoo - Jay_Quarles-black_grey_dog_tattoo


Black 13 Tattoo - Jay_Quarles-kraken_ship_black_grey_tattoo



Tattoos by Jon Ragoe


Black 13 Tattoo - Jon Ragoe - roses


Black 13 Tattoo - Jon_Ragoe-black_grey_owl_tattoo


Black 13 Tattoo - Jon_Ragoe-book_coffee_cup_tattoo



Tattoos by Josh Woods


Black 13 Tattoo - Josh Woods - new school statue of liberty


Black 13 Tattoo - Josh_Woods-bird_tattoo


Black 13 Tattoo - Josh_Woods-Trex_shark_space_tattoo



Tattoos by Kirk George


Black 13 Tattoo - Kirk George - black & grey audrey hepburn


Black 13 Tattoo - Kirk_George-bettle_tattoo


Black 13 Tattoo - Kirk_George-GhostBC_Papa_Emeritus_tattoo



Tattoos by Marty McEwen


Black 13 Tattoo - Marty McEwen - new school zombie


Black 13 Tattoo - Marty_McEwen-new_school_leatherface_tattoo


Black 13 Tattoo - Marty_McEwen-Pulp_Fiction_tattoo



Tattoos by Ryan Thomas


Black 13 Tattoo - Ryan Thomas - traditional tiger


Black 13 Tattoo - Ryan_Thomas-NES_controller_tattoo


Black 13 Tattoo - Ryan_Thomas-ship_tattoo



Tattoos by Steve Martin


Black 13 Tattoo - Steve Martin


Black 13 Tattoo - Steve_Martin-heart_locket_dotwork_tattoo


Black 13 Tattoo - Steve_Martin-melting_watch_tattoo_dali



Contact Black 13 Tattoo


Black 13 Tattoo Parlor
209 10th Ave S #208
Nashville, TN 37203

(615) 750-3741


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