Three years ago if you asked Simona Borstnar if she was going to be a tattoo artist, she would have laughed at you. Her dream job was in illustration. She studied graphic design and always loved creating a drawing. In 2013, it was her boyfriend, Sašo Dudic, who suggested she give tattooing a try. He was impressed with her artwork and thought she would be good at it. It turned out he was right.

Simona’s first tattoo was on a pumpkin. She laughs, “that was not even close to human skin.” After that, Sašo had her tattoo a small letter on him. “At first, it was really scary,” Simona continued, “drawing on someone for the rest of his life. I didn’t think it was for me.”


She started tattooing every day and with Sašo’s help she learned fast and started enjoying herself. After learning the basics, she started creating her own designs and was able to combine her love for illustration with a new found passion for tattooing.

The cozy atmosphere at Tavci Tattoo in Bled, Slovenia relaxes Simona. She loves it there because it doesn’t feel like work, she enjoys working with Sašo, and she never tires from the view from her office: Bled is beautiful.

patronusigSimona is inspired by many things – books (especially Harry Potter), music, nature, and other artists. She has the drive to learn new things and practice her art every day. Agnes Cecile, Alex Garant, Jay Freestyle, Timur Lysenko, Katarzyna Krutak, Thomas Carli-jarlier, Uncl Paul, and Dave Paulo are just a “few” of the artists she admires.

When she’s not tattooing, she enjoys being outside with Sašo and their dog.


Simona’s advice for someone planning his or her first tattoo:

“Do your research, explore the endless possibilities of tattoo styles, learn the difference between a good and a bad tattoo. And most importantly – don’t go to someone just because he/she is closest to your home and the cheapest.”

Simona’s advice for a tattoo artist who is just getting started:

“I must say I don’t really feel experienced enough to give advice to someone about that… I guess it would be to draw a lot, have some self-criticism and always strive for better. If possible, try to find an apprenticeship. Be ready to give it your all.”

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