Russell Van Schiack tattoos out of Hart and Huntington at Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida.  Russell feels fortunate to have a career at such a great shop, saying, "I absolutely love that I can do a tattoo and then go ride Harry Potter before my next tattoo appointment." -- Yeah, that's pretty freaking awesome.

russell van schaick fox tattoo watercolor

For Russell, the idea to start tattooing came about when he played bass in a band, For All Those Sleeping. He says:

"Tattoos are a large part of the music world, so I spent quite a bit of time in the [tattoo] shop. I remember saving up and finally being able to get my big Deja Entendu tattoo from the band Brand New. After 6 hours of work he said it was done, and it was terrible. I thought to myself, 'man, give me that much money and I could do a better job!' And that's when the light bulb turned on. I've always been artistic and creative, I just never really did anything with it. So I decided to pursue a tattoo apprenticeship."


watercolor koi tattoo russell van schaick

Mandala watercolor russel vs

flower watercolor tattoo russell van schaick

Russell started tattooing in Saint Cloud, MN. He's been tattooing for about two-and-half-years now. He's well-known for his watercolor designs, but strives to do more illustrative tattoos. In fact, most of his free time is dedicated to working on this style.

Jime Litwalk (well-known illustrative tattooist, we share a lot of his stuff), was the first one to show Russell, " fun and freeing tattooing can be."

Other influences include Levi Hilton, Tara Quinn, Frank La Natra (also a big supporter of Russell), Justin Nordine, Niko Inko, and Mike Shultz:

"I can go on and on about how many amazing artists there are in the world... And I would only be touching the surface."

illustrative reaper tattoo russell vs

Russell's advice to someone looking to get his or her first tattoo:

"Do your research. When you get a tattoo you're not only paying for the art, but for the artist doing it. No two tattoo artists are created equal and no two artists are going to do the same quality work. It is not 'just some lettering' or 'just a little tattoo that anyone can do'. That's just simply not the case."



watercolor skull tattoo russell van schaick


Russel's advice for artists just getting started:

 "GET AN APPRENTICESHIP. Tattooing is so much harder than it looks and really takes the guidance of someone that knows what they are doing. As a tattoo artist, we are always learning and the industry is always changing. So without the guidance, you'll be lost."

watercolor ship tattoo russell van schaick

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6000 Universal Blvd. #745A
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