richard guy - Screenshot_2016-02-08-19-37-50-1Inspired by watching his father get tattooed, Richard Guy, practiced drawing throughout childhood. Self taught and never apprenticing anywhere – Richard got his first professional tattooing job at a walk-in shop. After a great deal of hard work, he is now working in a small studio on an appointment-only basis so he can focus on his custom work.

Richard finds artistic inspiration from the late and legendary HR Giger and horror. His specialty is black and gray tattooing. Each of his pieces has a horresque look, even if it’s just a portrait. He achieves his look by adding a lot of blacks and not using the smooth technique in the blends. This gives his final piece a subtle twist of recognition among other black and gray artists.

When we asked Richard what he liked to do when he’s not tattooing, he replied, “I don’t switch off from tattooing. When I’m at home, I look at art and ink. I can’t turn off. I draw and paint in my spare time and watch a lot of movies,” he chuckled, “it’s a nightmare.”

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Richard’s advice for tattoo seekers:

“Research! Look into the right artist. Ask for that artist as it’s their work that’s drawn you to them. Don’t use their work and go to any shop asking if they can do it. If you’re attracted to a style, go to the maker.”

Richard’s advice for aspiring tattoo artists:

“Draw loads. Research everything about tattooing. Artists! The history! The morals! Research styles you like to follow it as you own. Find a good established and reputable studio to apprentice in. And remember it’s a long journey don’t think you should be tattooing after 6 months because you can draw great!”


Contact Richard

Richard prefers to be contacted through Instagram and Facebook.

Instagram: @richardartistguy
Facebook: richardartist.guy

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Images © Richard Guy