Khan has an innate ability to recreate an image. He’s a perfect artist for someone who’s looking for a realistic or neo-fantasy tattoo. Khan lives and works in Australia (Gold Coast). He enjoys how beautiful Australia is. But you don’t have to live or travel to Australia to find him. Khan also travels around the world for conventions. Connect with him to stay up to date on his whereabouts.

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Initially inspired by the work of Antonio Gaudi, Khan sought to be an architect. He studied architecture for a long time in South Korea. The turning point was one day when he saw a traditional Japanese tattoo of the Yakuza, “it was absolutely the most amazing art I [had] ever seen.” Blown away, Khan decided he would pursue a career as a tattoo artist. Khan and got a small studio where he began to teach himself how to tattoo, “My teacher was my body.”

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Day of The Dead Girl Tattoo by Khan Tattoo
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Talk about dedication, Khan practiced tattooing on his chest, belly, and right arm. Now, Khan tattoos all kinds of people, “I enjoy tattooing while learning from my customers, and a little about their life in the process. Where they come from, what they like, and no matter what style of tattoo I’m doing, I enjoy it to the fullest.”

In addition to realism, “Neo-Fantasy” is a style Khan has developed over the past several years. He strives to continue to be creative and respected in his field.

Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain by Khan Tattoo
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Khan’s advice for people planning their first tattoo:

“Please try to find your artist and if they are far away from your place, just fly out to meet them and get your first tattoo! You will have the best experience ever. And you will know the way to enjoy your life with your next artist and next tattoo. Please don’t try to find artists only in your area. You need to spend money to make your life happy. Tattoos will be on your body forever, not on the wall in your house, like someone’s painting.”

Khan’s advice for artists who just getting started:

“Get tattoos as much as possible on your own body first! Then you start tattoos on someone’s body. You need to learn the pain and respect before you touch someone’s body and their life.”

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