10399367_910152045764709_8589228932876569209_nFlorent, better known as FlowDraw Tattoo, started tattooing professionally just two years ago. After he had got his first tattoo in France, he found the possibility of creating art on someone’s skin fascinating. He immediately began drawing every night and posting to Instagram. One day a young tattoo artist in Germany asked if FlowDraw would like a job there. A month later he was in his car, bag packed, and France in his rearview.

He told us working at Lifestyle Garage in Germany is wonderful because it feels like family. FlowDraw doesn’t plan on leaving this family anytime soon. It’s where he started, and it’s where he feels at home. Although, three times per year he will be visiting another great shop in Toronto, Canada and another shop in Germany as a guest artist.

It’s no surprise that other shops want to host FlowDraw because his style is high contrast. Inspired by charcoal drawings from Casey Baugh and several tattoo artists, when we asked him to describe his style, like many artists, he found it difficult, “I can’t really describe my style, my customers would probably do it better than me.” He enjoys doing portraits, especially of women. He loves how alive the art becomes with each step, “I feel something magic about it,” he explained, “especially on the skin, because it becomes red, so you need to learn how to make your light contrast. It’s pretty interesting. And it’s a permanent learning without rules.”

When he’s not tattooing, FlowDraw enjoys traveling and chilling outside.

What advice do you have for someone planning his or her first tattoo?

If you like the work from one artist and want a piece from him, you should give him a theme or an idea and just believe in him and let him do. If it’s a good artist, [one] you trust, you will like it.

What advice do you have for a tattoo artist who is just getting started?

I would say what I did the most, drawing every day, bring different styles and then looking your mentor or other artist working. Asking questions about everything and then find your [own] way to work with all these difference techniques and information.

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The best way to reach FlowDraw is by direct message through his Facebook page.

Facebook: FlowDrawTattoo
Instagram: @flowdraw_tattoo

Images © Florent Savary