If you’ve been thinking about getting a fish tattoo, check out these awesome fish tattoos from top artists around the world. Please do not use these tattoos for anything other than inspiration. Do not replicate the work.

Now that’s out of the way… Here’s a bunch of cool fish tattoos and some fish facts for your face:

Angler Fish Tattoo - Steve Moore

Tattoo Artist: Steve Moore

Gotta love beta fish, otherwise known as Siamese fighting fish. Native to Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, and Thailand via the Mekong basin. The male betas have the fancy fins and a nurturing instinct. When momma beta lays her egg, the male chases her off because she’ll likely eat those eggs.

Betta Fish Tattoo - Mark Richards

Tattoo Artist: Mark Richards

Betta Fish Tattoo - Nicholas Keiser

Tattoo Artist: Nicholas Keiser

Betta Fish Tattoo - Steven Compton

Tattoo Artist: Steven Compton

Black Betta Fish Tattoo - Pari Corbitt

Tattoo Artist: Pari Corbitt

Goldfish are some dirty motherfuckers. Wonder why your goldfish from the fair died so quick? For one thing, they get pretty big and can become stunted in a tank that’s too small. For another, they eat and poop a lot. This produces excess waste, thus requiring an adequately sized tank regular water changes.

Think your carnie was doing that? Not likely. So a word to wise: if plan on having goldfish, make sure you have a good filtration system and a minimum of 20 gallons of water for one fancy goldfish (add 10 gallons of each additional fish). For common goldfish, the ideal scene is pond.

Black and Gray Goldfish Tattoo - Kelly Violet

Tattoo Artist: Kelly Violet

Goldfish Watercolor Tattoo - Madame Chan

Tattoo Artist: Madame Chan

Goldfish Watercolor Tattoo - Simona Blanar

Tattoo Artist: Simona Blanar

Who doesn’t love a nice bass? Seriously. They’re the most popular game fish in the United States and has been introduced to other parts of the world. Did you know that they can eat prey that is up to 25-35 percent of their body length?

Assuming you don’t catch and eat a largemouth bass, they’ll live 10-15 years on average. Perhaps this is due to their 6th sense. No, no, they can’t see dead people (err… maybe they can at the bottom of the lake). Their 6th sense is called a lateral line and it picks up vibrations of other fish.

Double Bass Tattoo - Ben Butts

Tattoo Artist: Ben Butts

Eel Underwater Realism Tattoo - Dmitriy Samohin

Tattoo Artist: Dmitriy Samohin

Ah.. The Lionfish. Stay away from those prickly needle-like fins! They deliver a venom, that’s very painful, yet rarely fatal to humans. However, it can cause nausea and breathing difficulties. So give the fish some space, don’t make it feel threatened and you’ll be alright.

Lion Fish Realism Tattoo - Dmitriy-Samohin

Tattoo Artist: Dmitriy Samohin

Realism Underwater Reefe Sleeve - Nick Chaboya

Tattoo Artist: Nick Chaboya

Surreal Fish Tattoo - Pietro Sedda

Tattoo Artist: Pietro Sedda

Watercolor Fish Tattoo - Petra Hlaváčková

Tattoo Artist: Petra Hlaváčková