Apply To Be Featured

You’ve seen the work on this website, please keep that in mind when applying for a feature. We’re called Perfect Tattoo Artists for a reason. ūüôā As a general rule we look for: solid line work, shading, color, composure, positioning and consistently good tattoo work from the artist.

You must upload at least one photo Рmake it a good one (few). This/these photo(s) will determine whether or not we look at the rest of your portfolio (via website and any social media accounts listed). 

PLEASE NOTE:¬†This information not only gives us the ability to easily review¬†your tattoo work, it’s also included at the end of your article if you are chosen so people can easily contact you.

Quality Guidelines

Examples of Tattoo Work That Needs Improvement:

bad lines bad shading

Bad shading, bad lines

blown lines

Blown lines

shaky and blown out lines

Shaky and blown out lines

shaky uneven lines

Shaky, uneven lines

Examples of Tattoos That Meet Our Guidelines:

clean lines

Simple design with nice clean, even lines by Zach Taylor at Triple Crown Tattoo.

even lines

Excellent shading, even lines, amazing color by Jairo Carmona Velez.

bold lines

Bold lines, great color and composition by Josh Payne at Ascend Gallery.

badass tattoo

Completely badass tattoo -Schroedinger’s cat by M√°ty√°s Csiga Hal√°sz


New Tattoo Artists & Apprentices

Everyone knows that you have to start somewhere.Just because your new doesn’t mean you can’t be a quality tattoo artist. If you are newer to tattooing, don’t let this be a deterrent from applying. Things we look for:

  • Line work
  • Whether or not you’re tattooing within your skill level. By all means continue to improve! However, we just want to make sure you’re not putting crap out there. In other words, if you just started tattooing, a realistic portrait probably isn’t the best tattoo to take on. Focus on developing your skills and evolve into the artist you want to be.
  • Composition
  • Placement
  • Steady improvement

Established Tattoo Artists

If you’ve been around the industry long enough, we sincerely hope that you know the difference between a good tattoo and a great tattoo. Before submitting your work, please understand that we will be looking at the following items:

  • Line work
  • Shading
  • Composition
  • Placement
  • Consistency and/or continuous improvement

Not every artist will be approved. We’ll provide you with feedback for the reasons you did not make the cut. Don’t take it out on us. If you feel that we have made an error, we will most certainly review your work again. However, please keep in mind that we are working to represent the top quality.¬†The decision is not a “no forever”,¬†it’s a “no for now.”¬†

Must Respect Art.

We review each an every applicant’s profile. We follow tattoos on a daily basis. If you’re sharing work that isn’t yours, we’re going to figure it out and we will notify the artist to whom you’re ripping off.

‚ÄĘ We will absolutely not tolerate a person who uses someone’s work as their own. If you see your work on our website and it is attributed to someone else or you would like it removed, click here.

‚ÄĘ In the same regards, as a tattoo artist¬†it is your responsibility to credit another tattoo artist’s work when you share it. ¬†When we see you post a picture of someone else’s tattoo work without explicitly stating that is NOT your own, this automatically disqualifies you for consideration. Please understand this does not count when you share an image from someone else’s page with their credentials displayed. This applies to the people who are uploading photos and not crediting the artist.¬†People will assume the tattoo work is yours simply because it is your profession.¬†It’s dishonest and unfortunately, we see too much of it.

‚Äʬ†Do not post tattoo work of others and offer to tattoo the same thing. Even if you give the artist credit this is unacceptable! We don’t care if it is a realistic tattoo– If it’s a realistic portrait you want to tattoo, post a picture of what you’re looking to tattoo– not someone else’s work.

What’s A Featured Artist?

When we feature an artist it’s because they have stellar work. There is absolutely¬†no cost to the artist¬†to be Featured Artist. It’s just something we do (and enjoy doing) to promote quality tattoo work.

We supply the artist with questions to answer, we write up a story, select some of their finest tattoo work and promote it on all of our social media outlets. We also promote the post on Facebook to a targeted audience within 25 miles of where you work.

Starting in 2015, we’re featuring two artists per month. We’ll run artists on the first and third Fridays of the month. On top of the promotion, we’ll create a collage of your work as our Cover Photo on Facebook for extra exposure.¬†Check out our page to see what that looks like¬†(link opens in new tab).

Check out Featured Artist Section (link opens in new tab) to see what our Featured Artist article looks like.

Feature Application

You are required to enter at least one website address, be it a social media account, personal website or shop website.