About Perfect Tattoo

If you read The Mission, you get that Perfect Tattoo is dedicated to promoting quality tattoo art. Perfect Tattoo founders and webmasters, Jess and Elyse, saw a need for a site that stuck to tattoo art and the promotion of *quality* tattoo work. They did the whole impulsive tattoo thing as teenagers and as they matured they started to appreciate tattooing as much as they appreciate art.  

On a more *personal level*: both ladies are tattoo collectors, love all things timey wimey and Whovian, pinup / retro / vintage, and tech. They’re music junkies, bookworms (Game of Thrones, anyone?), and a little married (seriously you have to follow the link to fully understand). If you’re really interested in knowing more than that… Go get lost in one of our wonderful tattoo galleries.