First off, you may be wondering, “what are neo-traditional tattoos?” Quite simply, the neo-traditional style is a modern take on the traditional (aka “old school”) tattooing.

Neo-traditional tattoos usually incorporate more detail, thinner lines, and a wider color palette than traditional tattoos. Of course every artist has their own personal style so there’s a huge variety within this style.


Artist: Teresa Sharpe

Artist: Teresa Sharpe, Studio 13 Tattoo


Artist: Justin Acca

Artist: Justin Acca, Devils Ink Tattoo


Artist: Mike Moses

Artist: Mike Moses, Spiritus Tattoo


Artist: Jim Sylvia

Artist: Jim Sylvia, Unbreakable Tattoo


Artist: Derek Billingsley

Artist: Derek Billingsley


Artist: Cavan Infante

Artist: Cavan Infante, No Egrets Tattoo Studio


Artist: Carter, ihearttattoo studio

Artist: Carter, ihearttattoo studio