Tattoo realism is a style that not all artists can manage. If you have this style of tattoo in mind you should insist to see healed photos of the artists work to ensure it stands the test of time. However, when done right this form of body art is absolutely breath taking.


Realism, old man smoking tattoo, Victor Portugal

By Victor Portugal — Cracow, Poland


Photo realism portrait by Den Yenkovlev

By Den Yenkovlev — Moscow, Russia


Hyper realism eye tattoo by Chris Gherman

By Chris Gherman — New York, NY. Image found here


Nature realism tattoo by Alexander Pashkov

By Alexander Pashkov — Baranul, Russia. Image found here


Hyper realism beetle tattoo by Miroslav Pridal

By Miroslav Pridal — Czech Republic. Image found here


Photo realistic nature tattoo by den Yakovlev

By Den Yakovlev — Moscow, Russia


Realism eye and moth tattoo by Yomico Moreno

By Yomico Moreno — Caracas, Venezuela


Hyper realism nature tattoo by Dmitriy Samohin

By Dmitriy Samohin — Odessa, Ukraine. Image found here.


Realistic head portrait by Cecil Porter

By Cecil Porter — Portland, OR. Image found here


Realistic hibiscus and dragonfly tattoo by Steffi Eff

By Steffi Eff — Berlin, Germany. Image found here.


Realistic Edward Scissorhands portrait by Nikko Hurtado

By Nikko Hurtado — Hesperia, CA. Image via InkedMag.


Fear and Loathing, Hunter Thompson, realistic tattoo by Den Yakovlev

By Den Yakovlev — Moscow, Russia


Hyper realism eye, flies by Andrea Afferni

By Andrea Afferni — Novara, Italy


Realistic Einstein portrait by Karl Berringer

By Karl Berringer, 252 Tattoo — Cleveland, OH


Hyper realism eye by Chris Gherman

By Chris Gherman — New York, NY


Realistic pencil behind ear tattoo by Julio Morales

By Julio Morales — Kansas City, MO. Image via InkedMag


Realism black widow spider Lippo Tattoo

By Lippo Tattoo, image found here