The second installment of Peter Jackson’s Hobbit trilogy, The Desolation of Smaug, hits theaters tonight. To celebrate the premiere, we’re letting our geek-flag fly high with a collection of the best J.R.R. Tolkien inspired tattoos found on the web.


Gollum tattoo by Stafano Alcantara

Gollum tattoo by Stefano Alcantara—New York, NY


Smaug, Lonely Mountain tattoo

Smaug and The Lonely Mountain, by Brooks Blanton—Ft. Wayne, IN. Image found here.


LOTR, Gandalf & Balrog tattoo

“You shall not pass!” Balrog and Gandalf, by Nick Baxter—Austin, TX


LOTR Orc battle sleeve tattoo

Orc battle sleeve by Nick Baxter—Austin, TX


LOTR chest tattoo by Casey Anderson

LOTR chest peice with Nazgûl, Eye of Sauron, and Balrog by Casey Anderson. Image found here


Middle Earth map tattoo

Incredibly detailed map of Middle Earth by Fabio Satori— São Paulo, Brazil. Image found here


Mouth of Sauron tattoo

Mouth of Sauron portrait by Ryan Cardinal—Vancouver, Canada


Tree of Gondor tattoo

Tree of Gondor tattoo by Brent Atwood— Ogden, UT. Image found here


LOTR sleeve

Lord of the Rings sleeve by Pääätrick, 2Face-Tattoo — Germany


Gandalf back tattoo

Gandalf back piece. Image found here


Saruman tattoo, image found here

Saruman tattoo, image found here


Mines of Moria tattoo

The Mines of Moria, “Speak friend and enter.” Image found here


LOTR elvish leaf tattoo

Elvish leaf tattoo, found here


Not all who wander are lost tattoo

“Not all who wander are lost.” Image found here