No matter which culture you choose, they’re bound to have a decent selection of warriors. Whether it be the Roman Centurion or the Norse Viking. The Japanese Samurai, or the African Zulu. They could have been great military commanders, such as Shaka Zulu, or a¬†marauding Hun by the name of Attila. Though I suspect that observation is heavily dependent upon your perspective. The point is, these warriors were awe-inspiring enough to be permanently¬†emblazoned across our bodies.

Without further ado, here are some of the fiercest warrior tattoos we found.


By Przemyslaw Aero Walkowiak

Bushido warrior by Przemyslaw Aero Walkowiak


By Den Yakovlev

Conan style warrior by Den Yakovlev


By Mikko Inksanity

Samurai by Mikko Inksanity


By Leonidas Lonis Tattoo

Female warrior by Leonidas Lonis Tattoo


By Den Yakovlev

Zulu by Den Yakovlev


By Dmitriy Samohin

Roman Centurion by Dmitriy Samohin


By Ondrash Tattoo

Knight by Ondrash Tattoo


By Elvin Yong Tattoo

Samurai by Elvin Yong Tattoo


By Elvin Yong Tattoo

Greek warrior by Elvin Yong Tattoo


By Den Yakovlev

Viking tattoo by Den Yakovlev