Tattoo Artist: Todo B
Realism Tattoos

Tattoo by Todo Brennan

Neo/Traditional Tattoos

Tattoo by Jonathan Penchoff

Tattoo Artist: Tom Foolery
Illustrative Tattoos

Tattoo by Tom Foolery

Tattoo Artist: Niki Norberg
Black & Gray Tattoos

Tattoo by Niki Norberg

Tattoo Artist: Klaim Street Tattoo
Abstract Tattoos

Tattoo by Klaim

Tattoo Artist: Ondrash
Watercolor Tattoos

Tattoo by Ondrash

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Geometric Tattoos

Tattoo by Chaim Machlev

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8 Crazy Good Bat Tattoos

8 Crazy Good Bat Tattoos

If you’re Ace Ventura, you refer to a bat as a “wing-ed spawn of Satan”, “devil bird” or rat with wings.     Bats are flying mammals: the only ones in existence that can sustain flight on their own. That makes them pretty cool....
Perfect Disney Tattoos

Perfect Disney Tattoos

Disney has pretty much always been a big part of entertainment. For most of us, we learned to recognize the Disney logo before we knew who the first president was. If you have a child, there’s a good chance their room has at least a 1 to 3 ratio of Disney...