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Tattoo by Xoïl at Needles Side Tattoo

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12 Incredible Tattoos Inspired by Movies & TV Shows

Popular culture is the accumulation ideas, attitudes, images, and other phenomena from cultural creations like music, art, literature, film and television. Pop culture is something that permeates nearly every...

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Featured Tattoo Artist: Josh Fields

Our Featured Artist for the month of September is Josh Fields, owner and artists at Platinum Rose Studio & Gallery. Josh began developing his artistic abilities from an early age. He was heavily involved in...

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Featured Shop: Black 13 Tattoo Parlor

Black 13 Tattoo is a Nashville based tattoo parlor owned and operated by Doy...

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7 Perfect Neo-Traditional Tattoos

First off, you may be wondering, “what are neo-traditional...

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10 Incredible Hand Tattoos

Most people who get a tattoo want to be able to show off their ink. This may...

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12 Gorgeous Nature Tattoos

“Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better.” –...

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Happy Birthday Rick

A little background on this tattoo.. There’s a Whitest Kids You Know...

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